On Guns: Dumbo Zumbo

Monday, February 26, 2007
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Jim Zumbo was a writer for Outdoor Life magazine. In a recent blog post for the magazine, Zumbo stated that “any semiauto rifle with an AR or AK prefix was a terrorist rifle, had no place in hunting, and should be outlawed for that purpose.” With the glory of the Internet to make or break the news, the walls caved in on Mr. Zumbo. Outdoor Life recently printed this letter:

Outdoor Life And Jim Zumbo Part Ways
By Todd. W. Smith

Outdoor Life magazine Editor-in-Chief Todd Smith released the following statement today regarding writer Jim Zumbo:

February 2007

In light of comments made by Jim Zumbo in his February 16, 2007 blog posting on the magazine’s website, Mr. Zumbo has offered to terminate his association with Outdoor Life, and the magazine has accepted his offer. Accordingly, he will no longer be contributing to the magazine in print or online. His final column with Outdoor Life will appear in the April 2007 issue, which has already gone to press.

We respect Mr. Zumbo’s First Amendment right to free speech, and we acknowledge his subsequent apology and admission of error. However, Outdoor Life has always been, and will always be, a steadfast supporter of all aspects of the shooting sports and our Second Amendment rights, which do not make distinctions based on the appearance of the firearms we choose to own, shoot or hunt with.

We regret this turn of events, as Mr. Zumbo has been a good friend to this magazine and lifelong advocate for hunters and hunting rights.

Here is the text of the Zumbo blog post.

First of all, these guys are not defenders of absolute rights to one’s own life and property, but rather, they defend the ‘right’ to squat behind bushes and shoot birds and mammals for sport. Yea, I’m pro-hunting, but to hell with that – my concern is over life, liberty, and property, not wearing plaid and having the chocolate lab chase down a damn dead duck. You’re a fool if you think that these types stand behind the libertarian notion of self-defense, for mostly, they do not. Seriously now, they stand for nothing but continuing their hobby and/or profession, ‘cept for those regular Joes you see over the ‘Net who fight for those very important aspects of gun rights. They are on forums everywhere, and they are solely responsible for bringing down Zumbo and his shoddy career. Zumbo is a worthless idiot, and his words proved it. Thanks to my favorite AZ minuteman for the tip.

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