OK, a Bit of Self-Promo

Friday, February 27, 2004
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RM sent me this here, wherein Alexa has me ranked as the #1 most popular website in the libertarianism/anarchism/people category. Whatever the heck that means! I’m not sure where these categories come from, or how we get filed in them, but what the heck, it’s kinda fun. And hey, an acquaintance, Jim Ostrowski, is up there too. Go Jim.

Yeah, ya’ll know how I have written about what a CheezFest Alexa is. It’s such a scam, looking at their sampling methods and all, but I’m amazed at how libertarians and neocons, all ’round the web, take this thing so seriously. I think some people plan their whole lives around their Alexa ranking, and “game it up” at every opportunity. This site tries all kinds of gimmicks: interviews, symposiums, rankings, quizzes, “website of the day” scams, etc. Get a life. Oh well. I gotta at least take this latest biz on Alexa seriously…….right? ;–)

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