Oh Boy, Oh Boy……

Monday, December 29, 2003
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Here’s the scary crowd responding to my post today on our “volunteer army.” And no, I did not make this letter up, so that it appears to be coming from a 4th grader. And no, I did not touch the grammar, spelling, punctuation, or otherwise………..I think this letter is from a full-blown adult, probably an “honor student” in the public schools. It’s shocking to think that this type of mentality is reading anything on the Internet. Don’t even ask me how spending money on houses has anything to do with anything, but perhaps this guy needs to invest more money in his 401k, gold, or silver….

From: “Kidwell, Curtis”
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 15:18:55 -0500

You my friend need a real job! There will always be people like you sitting on the outside,shouting out your crackpot opinions.usually some dirty crazed streetperson.and you know what they say about opinions! But the proof of the pudding is that it’s always the people like lynch and all the other troops,who go and fight where they are sent that allow you whining, sad,individuals who were probably outcast in highschool anyway.to sit home and cry about the world’s injustice to them and there ilk.ps. I am really sorry you can only afford to live in Michigan.i have a beautiful house in Maryland ,and I winter on the beach of south Carolina! You should quit putting your money into this b.s. webpage that is just a sad ego trip and maybe you could afford a nice place!! Come on ,really I bet you still live with your mom in your same room!!! People like you always do! Sincerely ,curtis

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