Of Blogdom and Blogocracy: WorldNetDaily’s

Monday, August 19, 2002
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Of Blogdom and Blogocracy: WorldNetDaily’s Hugh Hewitt insightfully refers to the blogosphere as “the real marketplace of ideas, where there is no barrier to entry.” Indeed! And it’s great to note that many of the most popular blogs on the internet are maintainted by libertarians or other assorted rightists. The presence of a well-visited, Lefty blogging site is a rare – or possibly non-existent – thing. Hewitt even takes to discussing Virginia Postrel’s blog. Blogs are a powerful tool for maintaining insight into the world of ideas. And blogs allow us to make mental hay with issues that require our immediate attention. And it’s rare that anyone – outside of the occasional, green-eyed naysayer – has anything bad to say about this wonderful web development. Blogging is here to stay, and it’s a great tool for those of us that like to keep abreast of “the cause” and all of its developments.

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