Obama’s Crime: Not Adopting the State’s Motto, “God Bless America”

Wednesday, April 23, 2008
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Barack Obama has been brutalized by the hairspray media corps for not being “patriotic” enough because he doesn’t endlessly recite the government’s various allegiance propaganda pieces, nor does he live by the mindless lapel pin standard. As a part of his post-Jeremiah Wright damage control, he did – according to the Chicago Tribune – end a speech with “God Bless America.” Over the longer term, one wonders whether he will start to yield on this issue and give the neocon media exactly what they demand: homage to the greatness of state power and consistent reminders that we must all follow and obey, or otherwise be deemed un-American and an outsider.

This is a good editorial in the Seattle Times that addresses this nonsense.

God bless America” has become the Pennsylvania Avenue equivalent to consumerized Madison Avenue staples.

…If a willingness to profess one’s faith and patriotism and to conclude speeches with “God bless America” were accurate indicators of presidential prowess, Bush family members would have long ago secured their places among the nation’s greatest leaders. Both George H.W. and George W. used it to conclude more than 80 percent of their major addresses, with the son often offering this important twist: “May God continue to bless America.”

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