Not Too Legendary to Fail

Monday, February 9, 2015
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First it was the Feds banning simple, everyday items from your carry-on luggage in fear of them being repurposed as weaponry. Then away went those wonderful, dry, smashed turkey sandwiches that graced your palate on moderate-length flights. Then there came the cutback in flights and the steep rise in prices, accompanied by mini-bags containing exactly 5 peanuts. Over time, the airlines had become flying Greyhound busses with folks piling on planes dressed like dumpster divers, and first class seating starting to look like a waiting room at Urgent Care. Flying had already become a miserable experience. And then came the news that the beloved SkyMall was going belly-up.

The SkyMall catalog is the legendary pass-the-time tool of bored travelers who don’t have the attention span required to read a book. It’s the ultimate brain candy when your neighbor is snoring in the seat next to you with mouth open, and the brats behind you are kicking the back of your seat on red-eye flight. I love SkyMall for the pictures, ideas, and brilliant products no one ever needs to buy.

Why isn’t the Obama administration rushing to save SkyMall from the bankruptcy of its parent company? Is there no union interest in a SkyMall bailout? Do the banksters on Wall Street not benefit? Is there no revolving door between Big Government and SkyMall executive offices?

SkyMall had actually made its money on its loyalty-and-fulfillment business where people would redeem points for junk they’d otherwise never buy. When that part of the business was sold, there just weren’t enough customers for $350 pet beds with leather trim and high-waisted boxer control briefs for men.

Here’s the real story of SkyMall and its quirky business practices and merger with Xhibit Corp.

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