No Freedom of ‘Farm to Fork’

Saturday, October 29, 2011
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Here’s another farm raid that hasn’t made the news. Quail Hollow Farm CSA is a farm in Nevada, about 50 miles north of Las Vegas, that grows and sells fresh food to its CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members. The philosophy of the owners and the purpose for the CSA is reflected as such:

The purpose for Quail Hollow Farm CSA is fourfold. Number one, it is our desire to be good stewards over our land. Nothing seems more beneficial than to plant a garden and orchard in which we may share the abundance of our harvest with friends and family. The second reason is that we believe that fresh locally-grown fruits and vegetables are indispensable for optimal nutrition and health. The third is a strong desire for self-sufficiency. And lastly, is simply the joy of the whole gardening process: working the soil (literally being grounded,) patiently watching the growing process, the taste of the first ripe tomato, and the harmony of the seasons.  In addition, it is our desire to share this experience with others, offering enjoyable hands-on opportunities to learn the science and skill of gardening and preserving the harvest, and to pass on this knowledge for future generations.

That all sounds evil and barbaric, doesn’t it? On October 21, 2011 farm owners Monte and Laura Bledsoe were holding their first annual Farm to Fork dinner for folks who desired to check out the farm. The dinner is described this way:

After a tour of the farm, dinner will be served family style (or farm style). The menu will be dictated by what we freshly harvest from our farm and other local small family farms.

Prior to the dinner, Monte and Laura were contacted by the Nevada Health Department and they were told they needed a special permit to be able to hold the event. Not wanting trouble, the Bledsoes gave in to the threat and applied for the permit. As the guests arrived for the dinner on October 21, so did the health inspector. In spite of the fact that there was a “certified kitchen trailer” on the farm premises for preparation of the food (yes, there are such things), the health inspector, who was taking orders by phone from her boss, declared that all of the food was unfit for consumption and she demanded the event be called off and the food be thrown away. The food was not consumable because:

1. Some of the prepared food packages did not have labels on them.  (The code actually allows for this if it is to be consumed within 72 hours.)  2.  Some of the meat was not USDA certified.  (Did I mention that this was a farm to fork meal?)  3.  Some of the food that was prepared in advance was not up to temperature at the time of inspection. (It was being prepared to be brought to proper temperature for serving when the inspection occurred.) 4.  Even the vegetables prepared in advance had to be thrown out because they were cut and were then considered a “bio-hazard”.

Not only was all of this freshly-prepared, chef-created, non-industrialized, non-processed, non-chemicalized food not fit for human consumption, but it was also deemed unfit for pig consumption That’s right – the health department despot’s orders were to throw all of the food away and then douse it with bleach to make sure the food did not get recycled as feed for the pastured pigs. At that point, the Bledsoes were reminded to call the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. They did, and they received advice from an attorney with the organization that allowed them to chase the health inspector off of their land. With no search warrant and no arrest warrant, the state’s leech left.

Following the parting of the Unhealth Nazi, the farm owners and attendees of the dinner teamed up to descend upon a stash of fresh food that was set to go to the market the next day. The crew got busy and they got to cooking. Dinner eventually became a reality, though not in its original form.

The health department hack returned, this time with local police. Thankfully, the police officers, not understanding why they were called, did nothing and left.

This is just another reminder that people are not free to make their own choices regarding their own health and food, nor are they free to voluntarily transact with others to maintain those choices. The real crime committed by Bledsoes is that they are dedicated to that dirty word found in their manifesto (quoted up above): “self-sufficiency.” Self-sufficient as in freedom to choose, or freedom from the government-supported-and-subsidized industrial food corporatocracy. Horrors.

You can read about this raid in its entirety here.

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4 Responses to No Freedom of ‘Farm to Fork’

  1. liberranter says:

    October 29th, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    One of these days –in the very, very near future, me predicts– some other nosy, tax-thieving pricks in the same mold as the Nevada Health Department parasites described in the article are going to stick their uninvited noses into a gathering similar to that described here, only on this future occasion the hosts of the event aren’t going to be as nice or as deferential in the face of trespassers as the Bledsoes. In fact, on this future occasion, the owners of the property, along with their guests/tenants/residents/supports, etc., are going to be heavily armed and waiting for just such an intrusion by uninvited totalitarian stooges and are going to let said trespassers feel the full wrath of natural law in action. Call it “the opening shot of the Second American Revolution,” or what have you, but it’s going to mark the first major instance in which a segment of the majority makes it clear just how dangerous it’s going to become to act as a tax-thieving enforcer for the Police State.

  2. Joanne Unleashed says:

    October 29th, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    This absolutely disgusts me. Makes me ill to my stomach even. How did we get to a point where we allow things like that to happen? 

    If the farmers were just having someone over for dinner, there would be no health inspection. But because they are serving people from whom they take money–Federal Reserve Notes, a medium exchange forced upon us–then they’re open to all sorts of regulations and fees. 

  3. William says:

    October 29th, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    This burns my ass to no end! A few years ago, I had my own battles with a liberal fascist health inspector. My plight is too lengthly to describe here, but if you would like to hear the story, e-mail me at the address given to make comments, and I would be more than happy to tell you. Just make sure you’re in a relaxed mode, and in familiar surroundings in order to control your anger.

  4. Victoria says:

    November 5th, 2011 at 11:47 am

    This is so sad!. This current administration have their hands and arms stretched out, inside everyone’s pocket for money, all in the name of money to support their healthcare agenda’s. this Gestapo technique by the Liberals cannot be tolerated as such. Problem is more than 50% of Americans love the freebies the current tenant in the white house is
    extending to these apathy afflicted individuals.2012 is coming but I feel that there is a bleak future of changing the tenant and his cronies in the white house for the illegals will be voting again, no one home to investigate these actions, they turned their cheek the other way in 2008, what makes me think they will oversee any illegal activity during 2012 election!?

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