Nixon: “Public Enemy #1″

Thursday, August 29, 2013
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Consensual drug use, according to Richard Nixon. Forty years later, we are experiencing the totalitarian repercussions of a 40-year drug war undergirded by a wholly militarized, SWAT-insane police state that has bled taxpayers dry while creating mobs of jobs for dictators, Czars, the shrink industry, Homeland Security profiteers, and the keepers of incarceration nation. From this article:

Remember the April 11th Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control assault in Charlottesville’s Harris Teeter parking lot? Two UVA students had bought a six-pack of sparkling water, and the hyper alert ABC undercover team presumed the girls had (horrors!) bought a six-pack of beer. The seven agents surrounded the terrified girls’ car; one of them pulled a gun, others attempted to break the windows.

Yes, teens may have … could have had … beer. The horror of horrors. But they didn’t. Such criminals must be stopped.

Even CNN is right once in a while.

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