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Monday, March 24, 2003
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News Flash: Rockwell is NOT a Libertarian: Come to think of it, nobody at LRC is…..At least according to some post by some John Sabotta guy. So, this Sabotta horsefly (who the hell is he?) has decided that his little Santa Claus website is, er, uh, writing Lew Rockwell & Co. out of the “libertarian” movement (gasp! sob, sob) because LRC’s stated views on multiculturalism, immigration, war, supporting Israel, and voluntary association don’t agree with that of the Lefty-Libertine Sabotta (who calls himself a “libertarian”; BwaaaHaHaHa!). Uh, yeah, devastating man, devastating. Really, I hate to even link to this website and give them the plug, but, er, as they say, someone has to do this.

Besides, a couple of people at this website constantly obsess on LRC and, as if there’s nothing else out there for them to do. Perhaps there isn’t anything else……No one from Rockwell & Co. bothers with these guys for a minute (why would we?). Yet they are always, always, always smearing LRC & Co. and the successes therein. It’s quite funny, actually. I mean, it’s funny – yet insane – that this guy would announce his support of the neocons (he calls Frum’s article “excellent”; keep in mind he calls himself a “libertarian”) because of the Frum-Goldberg, neocon attack on the libertarians and paleoconservatives. In other words, others joining in on the attacks against LRC is the Mother of all Triumphs! YooHoo! Knowing this, I suppose that Sabotta places more utility on collective criticism of his targeted enemies as opposed to the principles of the movement he claims to attach himself to.

Maybe I could suggest they actually find other activities to do, like updating their website with articles more recent than November 2002 or January 2003; changing their graphics; uh, or they could change their name and father figure to something more fitting; or maybe just bake a ham or patch some drywall or something……

Some of the people who “attach themselves” to the libertarian movement are frightening……what ever happened to the days when being “libertarian” was not chic?

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