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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
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Finally, I have my new website up. It is here. There may still be some rough edges, but those will be ironed out during the course of the next week. I am off to California for a bit, where I am sworn to be offline 100% (hehe), then back home to trim up the new site next week. I noticed that some of my archived articles are formatted funny (paras running into one another), but I will be sweeping the whole site next week, cleaning up the dust in the corners.

Amar Trivedi is the webmeister, and a big thanks goes ut to him. Email him at trivedi_70 at if you want some web work done at reasonable prices, with great care taken. I must say, as I have been stretched, lately, in 50 different directions, Amar deserves a gold medal for hanging in there. Email me with any comment or suggestions you may have about the new look.

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