Never Enough Syndromes: CNN recently

Sunday, December 22, 2002
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Never Enough Syndromes: CNN recently ran a news spot on the latest chic syndrome: Post-Traumatic Slavery Syndrome (PTSS). And no, this is not a spoof. The Left-Psychobabblers are linking slavery to the rate of black suicides (which have increased in comparision to the white suicide rate.) Alvin Pouissaint and Amy Alexander published a book with this thesis–Lay My Burden Down: Unraveling Suicide and the Mental Health Crisis Among African-Americans. They attribute black suicides to, er, a “delayed reaction” to slavery.

As expected, Salon did not dare to dismiss this as bunk! The reviewer for Salon says, “It’s the most hopeful thing I’ve read in a long time. ” Of course, the book fails to discuss how the “pain” felt by this generation of blacks managed to escape previous generations that were closer to the slavery experience.

From some quotes collected by Salon, here’s a very sharp black female’s take on black problems: “I’ve read this type of speculation on the reason blacks are overrepresented in the ranks of the poor, the imprisoned and the powerless. It’s not racism, it’s culture. Divergent groups of people have succeeded in the U.S. for hundreds of years because they wanted to. Witness the Japanese after WWII, the Vietnamese, the West Indians (blacks), East Indians (dark) — the attitudes of average Americans were as virulent toward these groups as toward blacks. But these people had the attitude that they needed to succeed for the sake of the generations that followed. They suffered and planned and it worked. It’ll work for any group, it’ll work for blacks too. What I am offering is a positive, hopeful message with the locus of control and choice in the group. By the way, I am a black female who has worked hard to reach success and I can tell you it’s in the attitude/culture. Anyone can get it!”

Ahhh, why can’t that be the majority black opinion?

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