Sunday, September 28, 2003
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It’s a Sunday — who wants hardcore politics today?

I got three new CDs the other day. Somebody (Sony) ony finally put out a nice, but not-too-big Miles Davis mini-retrospective, spanning most of the labels he recorded for. Also, I bought the new, 2-CD Sam Cooke compilation that covers his career from 1951-1964, and even includes a few of his best gospel tunes. This is a great set, considering the old Sam Cooke anthology I had was 10+ years old, and it was rather lame and poorly packaged. This one smartly includes his best song, Win Your Love for Me, his 1958 song that never got beyond #22 on the charts. Also on the compilation is Bring it on Home to Me, clearly the best version of this song, along with the Sonny Boy Williamson version and the Carla Thomas version on Stax Records. This guy was one of the great soul men of all time, and never got the recognition he deserved. I also got a nicely-packaged, special edition copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller for ten bucks. Yes, this is STILL a great album, 20 years later. The old copy sounds muffled compared to the remastered CD.

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