Movement News: Watching Our “Watchers”:

Tuesday, September 17, 2002
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Movement News: Watching Our “Watchers”: Another Freeper/neocon/Bushian/warmonger blogger who calls himself a “paleowatcher” has decided that he must “watch” Professor Tom DiLorenzo of Loyola College in Maryland. He posts that DiLorenzo was so hideous as to dare insinuate that is a “neo-conservative website.” (gasp! goodness no!) Sorry, but I never realized that description of the “Let ‘Em Roll” Freepers was even up for discussion anymore. Most everyone I know, including the few Freepers I talk to, think that’s a given. Typically, their arguments are not that they aren’t neocons, but rather, why neoconism is the right thing.

Anyway, I hardly think that Prof. DiLorenzo – with his distinguished and prolific background in economics, economic history, and historical revisionism, along with a top-selling book on the shelves – needs to be “watched” by Freeper serfs. (Check out DiLorenzo’s book on Lincoln.)

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