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Sunday, May 31, 2009
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In response to my post, “Goodbye Two-ThousandaireMobiles,” a reader, Bryan Morton, sent me some interesting comments:

I’ve been getting razzed and chastised for about ten years now for stating the fact that the US has been partying hard and living it up on “daddy’s” credit card, and that the time was coming when someone would have to start picking up the empty bottles, mow the grass and wash daddy’s car. I usually had to start out with an apology, “I’m sorry, but the US has been consuming more than it has been producing for generation and the bill is going to come due soon.”

I was called a moron, pessimistic, you name it. People were living it up and no one wanted to hear the danged truth. You try explaining to a guy who earns under $30,000 a year, who owns two $20,000 cars, a $200,000 house with a pool and Jacuzzi, maybe a PWC, a couple of flat screen TV’s and takes the family out to TGI Friday’s twice a week that he’s not as prosperous as he imagines himself to be. Now that the natural laws of economics are swinging back to correct for all the malinvestment and overconsumption, being able to say, “I told you so” is a bitter consolation. The only thing that’s worse is the incorrect diagnosis of the problem which is being spread by the media. We, the people, asked for retirement, health care, minimum wage legislation, worker safety, food safety, drug safety, environmental protection, parks, roads, education, closed borders, tariffs and quotas to protect “our” jobs, empire, ….. the list is incalculable, and we wanted it all but didn’t want to have to work for it.

The twentieth century was a great party, but it’s over. It’s time to go back to work, (if the government will let us), and start living within our means. AND, for all my Republican friends, this ain’t Obama’s fault! He isn’t helping the situation, but it’s grown worse and worse thought-out the last 100 years regardless of which Republocrats were in control. Ben Franklin and H.L. Mencken hit the nail on the head with their definitions of democracy.

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