More on St. Abe (and DiLorenzo)

Tuesday, August 31, 2004
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We can’t help it. We were brought up Yankee. As children of the North we were taught in our government schools to worship Abe Lincoln’s sacred words and great deeds.

We were told Honest Abe was a saint among wicked politicians. A superhero who saved the Union. A moral paragon who emancipated the slaves.

We were taught Washington and Jefferson were great men, but flawed. The Slavery Thing, you know. But Lincoln, most historians agree, was our greatest American president.

Now we are political adults. But most of us still believe the childish fairy tales about St. Abe that our Southern brothers have seen through for 144 years.

I was quickly reminded how blindly we Yankees revere Lincoln last week after I referred in my Magazines column to an interview with libertarian economist/historian Thomas DiLorenzo in Southern Partisan magazine.

DiLorenzo, author of the 2002 best-seller “The Real Lincoln,” argues that Lincoln was not only a “tyrant” but the Founding Father of the big national government we suffer under today.

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