More on Diversity and “Our Country”

Saturday, October 28, 2006
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A friend wrote me to comment on this post. Essentially, he comments that the John Mellencamp “Our Country-Chevy” commercial portrays “our country” as being made up not of remarkable entrepreneurs, brilliant research scientists, great teachers (and Professors), dedicated scholars, talented artists, and wonderful parents — in addition to the working man — but rather, “our country” is cast in the light of minority causes, farmers, government workers, and blue collar union types. The question is: why is this claptrap still so marketable? It’s a commercial that is all about pandering to the vast majority of the TV market, so that is easy to understand. It’s marketing, stupid. But then again, it reminds one that old-fashioned political correctness has not gone away.

Of course, the commercial could include a snippet of Warren Buffett, whose superb financial acuity and nose for managerial talent has made Berkshire Hathaway one of the best-run companies in the world. Nah. Wouldn’t happen. Evidently, we are still a nation of inefficient family farms and postal workers.

Before I get more complaints about being anti-diversity…….

As to diversity itself, I do indeed pursue it. I am diverse in regards to my taste in food, clothes, music, social opportunities, and even reading topics, or hobby interests. As to diversity amongst people, I personally covet it. I truly do detest sameness and homogeneity. In fact, I get bored with it, and quickly. Being the eccentric oddball that I am, those that have accused me — in the past — of being anti-diversity are clueless and inane. What I despise is the onslaught of emotionally-driven, lowbrow, corn-fed, pseudo-patriotic campaigns that belittle a person’s sense of sagacity through their use of senseless snippets meant to convey a majority minority because that’s supposed to make you all warm and fuzzy inside. Pshaw.

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