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Sunday, January 19, 2003
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More Hate Mail (from a Clueless Feminist called “Yuckie”):

From: “YUCKIE”
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:27:07 -0600

“After reading your article against the NOW group, I was disgusted. As a feminist and someone who plans to some day work as a women’s rights lawyer for NOW… I was horrified. I do not understand how anyone, especially a woman, can have such a horrible attitude towards a group based on helping the world become more aware of feminist issues. It makes me sad that there are people like you in the world. Sad that someone can be so cruel, small minded and unaccepting. [sob, sob...] I think that you should take a moment and re-read your article. Maybe you need to get in touch with your insane homophobia and figure out exactly why you are such a bitter bitch. [who's the "bitter bitch"? Didn't you write the letter to me?] I was personally offended by this comment: “Hey, isn’t it just the pretty, feminine, anti-feminist types that get “harassed” at work? I mean, guys don’t really hit on the typically hairy and surely-less-than-attractive NOW types, do they?” I have many friends that do not shave and are strong minded feminist, but these women can only be described as beautiful. Just because someone is a feminist, or just because a woman chooses not to shave her legs, does not make them unattractive. [where? in France?] And from the looks of your picture you don’t appear to be the most attractive person. [jealous, jealous...tsk, tsk] So, perhaps you should take that into consideration before you judge someone else’s appearance. And just for the record there are many members and supporters of NOW that are not homosexual. [how many--one or two?] Before you go around judging an entire group of individuals, maybe you should get to know a few of them. [I can do without it...] You are not going to make it very far in life with such a negative and judgmental attitude. You really need to open your eyes, get over yourself and respect others beliefs and opinions.” [as you respected the beliefs and opinions of my column?]

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