More Anarcho-Detroit: Bus Stop Benches?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
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Some people from the Detroit Enterprise Academy think that bus patrons – especially older folks – shouldn’t have to stand and wait at the city’s bus stops, so they¬†put together a voluntary force to do something about it. They build benches from reclaimed wood, fancy them up a bit, and place them at bus stops where resting spots are much needed. The benches built by the crew seat six people, and they also have bookcases in the bottom, filled with books, so those waiting on transportation can have something to read, if desired.

DDOT (Detroit Department of Transportation) officials have said the placement of benches has not followed protocol, and therefore the benches are not approved and must be removed. However, knowing the city’s inability to do such day-to-day things as keeping the streetlights on, it is unlikely that any effort to remove the benches will take place in the near future. People attempting to do good things for a community in spite of the government and its bureaucracy, and being able to accomplish these things¬†due to the ineptness of that same bureaucracy, is a wonderful – if only small – accomplishment of anarchy in a city of voluntaryist warriors who refuse to wait for bungling government paper-and-permit shufflers to grant them permission to perform random acts of community service.

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2 Responses to More Anarcho-Detroit: Bus Stop Benches?

  1. Tom Stenzel says:

    May 18th, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    Sorry, let’s try this again,

    It’s interesting that DDOT claims there’s a protocol for putting in the benches. I don’t believe it; Let them produce it.

    When I worked for the City of Detroit, I needed some functionality added to a vehicle gas card. Spending way too much time tracking down the person responsible, I was told, “You have to fill out a form”. Of course there was no help as to what the form looked like or it could be located.

    There was no form. They just didn’t want to be bothered. I never did get the gas card straightened out.

    -Tom Stenzel

  2. Jeannie queenie says:

    May 26th, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Perhaps if Detroit auctions off one of the world’s best art museums, the Detroit Art Museum, then they can fix up those benches…though not a good trade-off! Found this interesting piece tonight on a website called StuffBlackPeopleDon’tLike. Imagine my amazement upon reading that since black leadership in Detroit has prevailed, most everything has hit the shttr. Shades of bama…and Holder…and Chicago’s thugs.
    You have to respect the sheer honesty of this final paragraph. “The condition of Detroit in 2013 directly correlates to blacks assuming control of the city and driving whites away. And as a way to pay off creditors, the City of Detroit – their city – might have to sell evil whitey’s art…
    That’s what the DIA represents; to blacks, it might represent a way of paying off six percent of their debt.” To which I add, 6% whoopdy f’n doo….again shades of bama, who if he could take 100% of every rich person’s income in the US would not even dent 2% of our indebtedness. But hey, we want multi culti,….diversity, schmersity, no? But what do we get? Loads of incompetence, thievery and major bullsht on a platter…how you loving that hopeless change? One can only hope that blacks wake up and realize that it is the demorats that have kept them down in Detroit via a welfare, handout mentality that keeps people choked in a perpetual childhood. When blacks wake up to the damage done to them by the leftists in their midst, perhaps they will have a fighting chance to begin anew and show the world what they are really made of….good old american ingenuity..I never could understand why chinese, vietnamese, koreans, thais, can settle in our country and NEVER ask for help, but they do manage to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Often they live together under a roof, put all their earnings together, buy a house, rinse, repeat until each one in their community has a house. That I can respect…how wonderful if all of our own american born folks would take a lesson from all the orientals who come here and start out with nothing, but end up with far more than many americans can dream of. Of course, one has to understand that the majority of those folks are not into drugs, not into single mom phenom, but are into their own personal elbow grease, loads of discipline and drive to succeed…and THAT IS, the american way. Such a refreshing website here—-and I see that the author, Paul Kersey has a few books out there on why Detroit hit the shtter after I left there in the sixties. Yes, in the fifties it was known as the Paris of the West…only to turn/rot to a sea of sickness and doom once whitey left..and was chased out by the blacks.

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