Misplaced Devotion

Wednesday, December 22, 2004
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The Freeman posts a great pic on his blog.


The Freeman links to BK Marcus, who chips in on why he doesn’t “support” the troops. Great. I’ve been saying this all along, and I’ve received scathing hate mail for it. I was chastized for bringing it up during the first Gulf War, too. Once, as I made these arguments on a “libertarian” email list, I was ganged-up on, immediately, by all of those, you know, “libertarians.” The mismanagement of words and phrases is an epidemic. Marcus points out the absolute stupidity of “supporting the troops.”

Soon, I’ll come out and shock y’all. I’ll tell you why, to the average, non-thinking person, I commit heinous crimes by being both “judgmental” and “closeminded.” Of course, it’s always been fuzzy and warm to come down on those who are judgmental. It’s always been chic to shout about one’s “openmindedness,” too. A principled thinker is, of course, judgmental and not necessarily openminded. To be re-visited later. I shall strike back against the bad rap on being closeminded and judgmental.

Along these points, here is Paul Hein’s classic on children and sharing. These are the kind of points that libertarians focus on, that separates us from your everyday, philosophical mutt.

Also see Walter Block on language, here and here.

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