Sunday, December 13, 2009

Here is some news on the latest insanity from Michigan lawmakers. Firstly, the smoking ban has been approved after all political deals have been worked out and all the wealthy players have been accommodated. After months of negotiations have passed, it has finally been decided who gets what out of the deal.

The long-awaited smoking ban makes exceptions for the gaming floors at the three Detroit casinos, cigar bars, specialty tobacco shops, home offices and motor vehicles, including commercial trucks. The legislation won overwhelming passage in both chambers after more than a year of haggling over whether there should be exemptions.

Smoking will be banned in workplaces and food service establishments, including bars, restaurants, food courts at shopping malls, cafeterias and private clubs.

Note the woods “private clubs.” Also note that legislators are evidently kind enough to keep the smoking Nazis away from your “home office” and “motor vehicle.” Is that a joke?

Note that the ultra-wealthy owners of the Detroit casinos have filled enough pockets with enough dough to gain exemptions for their businesses, while small business owners of local taverns, bars, and restaurants will suffer the full impact of the state’s latest case of bananas.

And that’s not all.

Michigan also has a new law for selling cigarettes in the state.

A new state law aimed at making cigarettes less of a fire hazard is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many Metro Detroit smokers.

The law, effective Jan. 1, requires all cigarettes sold in Michigan to be engineered to automatically extinguish when left unattended. Most cigarette companies are using a method that involves adding two or three bands of special paper in cigarettes’ paper wrap.

As the lit end crosses over the bands, they lower the flow of oxygen through the paper to the tobacco and slow down the cigarette’s rate of burn. If left unattended, the cigarettes will put themselves out.

Michigan’s Fire Marshall actually stated that this law is “a life-safety issue.” Oh but what about the profit motive behind this?

Under the new law, cigarette manufacturers that want to sell their products in Michigan have to register them with the state’s Bureau of Fire Services. They also must certify their cigarettes were made with the self-extinguishing technology.

…The state will charge cigarette makers a $1,250 fee to register each family brand of their products they want sold in Michigan. The companies will also have to recertify their products every three years.

The packaging for cigarettes must carry a special mark on them — FSC for Fire Standard Complaint (do they mean “compliant”?) — as well.

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5 Responses to MichiTyranny

  1. Shannon says:

    December 14th, 2009 at 12:51 am

    Hi Karen-aren’t these laws insane? I am not a smoker, and don’t care for the smell of them, or their price but in my opinion, what one chooses for themselves is their business-be it an individual consumer or a business that allows consumers to smoke. Are we that dumb, that we need to be told where and what we can and cannot smoke? The state treats us all as morons incapable of deciding what is best for ourselves. From what people have told me, the fire safe cigarettes taste disgusting and cause sore throats, coughing, etc. It won’t surprise me if a few years down the road a study comes out on the effects of these new cigarettes-that the added papers, not the tobacco, leads to a host of medical problems. Michigan is becoming a statist paradise.

  2. liberranter says:

    December 14th, 2009 at 11:17 am

    While Michigan might be a particularly egregious example, this is the sort of lunacy going on in all 50 state capitols, with no signs of abating. As for the price of cigarettes that Shannon mentions in passing, at least 50 to 70 percent of the cost of a pack of cigarettes consists of various local, state, and federal taxes.

  3. clark says:

    December 14th, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    Does this mean that like in my state, next you’ll get to enjoy seeing stickers on Every public doorway, an anti-smoking sign, the red slash over the burning cigarette, the toned down “user-friendly” modern version of the swastika? All the stores and buildings with these stickers do seem to eventually achieve a sort of sameness to them.

    When the anti-smoking Nazis came through our town they placed billboards everywhere replacing many of the pictures of the well-armed D.A.R.E. military S.W.A.T. team under the slogan “You Cook It – We’ll Come” [ I wonder if the signs and slogans will be re-used later in a campaign against people who cook food at home rather than eat at an officially approved and inspected public facility.] Anyway, in a small shop where an old man owned a business, he told me his shop was closing. Why? Because he couldn’t smoke on his own property anymore and rather than submit and obey the terms dictated to him, he closed up his shop. I find that image tough to forget, I wonder how many times that played out in all the other towns? But that was during the top of the boom period, so few noticed or cared. One by one, drip drip drip.

    The state will always use the excuse that it was for “the” greater good and say businesses were not harmed as a result of official actions (well, ah-hem, except under a certain pre-determined acceptable percentage of course) after they forced smokers in bars and restaurants outside, rather it was because of the economy doing so bad. Never mind the decrease in productivity from catching the cold or worse from being forced outdoors, just look at the big picture they present of happy smiling faces, listen to the happy talk… and especially don’t look in the tip jar or think about where that money won’t go to as a result of increased regulation and additional controls. …And certainly don’t consider the property rights aspect of any of this.

    FSC = Ack! Nasty.

    A pattern is emerging. Take a product or service, regulate it and tax it as to render it useless for its original intended purpose forcing the consumer to make other, often pre-selected, choices which have additional strings attached – i.e. choose choice A. or you lose X.
    Is that the bully-thug play?

    They covered over all the anti-smoking billboards after they won their battle against property rights in my state, various stimulus dollars funded official messages took their place. Yesterday I noticed a new anti-smoking billboard in town trying to associate the image of a smoker to that of a child with asthma. With the political machine up and running smoothly, something as huge as the anti-smoking Nazi party isn’t going to just stop and say, “We’re done.” no, they have more to do or someone will quickly find something for them to do. A crazed government sponsored propaganda monster with no incentive or plan to stop, just to keep growing and expanding working in tandem with other organizations in finding new and additional ways into your home by pre-selecting as many additional options available to you and by attempting to link suspected danger to you in order to inspect you more fully as determined by other than you.

  4. MoT says:

    December 18th, 2009 at 10:14 am

    What the hell..!!! I’ve never been a smoker and both of my parents were and yet quit on their own. So I’ve lived around the practice, inhaled second hand smoke as a child, and will never smoke. Last time I checked I thought the notion you could assembly with people of a like mind was called “free association”. So basically you can’t do anything unless its sanctioned by some tax feeding parasite. Notice these busybodies never reduce or eliminate laws, etc. They’re always looking for something to justify their existence while hammering you on the head. I’ve told people that if there is a restaurant that has smoking and you don’t like it then kindly tell the owner or management your decision and go elsewhere. Money talks, if anyone listens, and if they feel that revenue would increase as a result of their implementing (freely mind you) this policy on THEIR property then that’s fine and dandy. Nobody put a gun to your, or the employees, head and said, “Hey!… breath deep. You can only eat, do business, or work here and nowhere else”. You freely walked in you can freely walk out. And if you really want to eat out and can’t find someplace then you have the choice of staying home or starting up your own place that caters to your type of clientele. In the free market you’ll quickly find out if your restaurant can survive while emphasizing the lack of tobacco sights and smells, or you can go up in “smoke”. That’s true freedom: the freedom to fail and get back up again without someones boot on your neck.

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