Michael Eric Dyson’s Marxist Training

Sunday, February 22, 2009
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He is trying to stir up a race war, and he thinks that Obama gives him that opportunity (see his very last comment in the video). Here’s a good point from Myles Kantor about Dyson on Cuba. Dyson, a former welfare recipient, grew up in Detroit admiring Coleman Young and mixing with the great Marxists of his time (page 4). One of Dyson’s claims to fame is his book, “Is Bill Cosby Right?” He considers Cosby to be representative of the “Afristocracy.”

The Marxist lawyer he mentions in his “Reader,” Kenneth Cockrel, is shown here with his son who is the current mayor of Detroit. Cockrel Sr. referred to himself as a Marxist-Leninist. Since I lived there for 10 years under the Marxist regime, I don’t wonder why it’s a third-world city – do you? The Wayne State University Center for Urban Studies has turned out many Marxists for the cause over the years, along with the University’s law school. Our last Marxist mayor – also from Wayne State U law school – just got released from prison after raping the city dry in just a few short years. He went to prison for lying to the feds, not because of years of extortion and theft while living well off the largesse. The tradition continues.

Meanwhile, Detroit’s bureaucrats are already getting the masses fired up to dupe the census, and they’ll once again claim that there are at least 100,000 people under bridges and in burnt-out buildings who need to be counted. Gaming the census numbers means more pocket dough for the Marxists at the helm.

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