Michael E. Kreca, RIP

Saturday, May 13, 2006
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I can’t believe I’m hearing this. Somebody I used to correspond with has been killed by cops. Of course this is highly suspicious. Michael had told me before of a run-in with the cops wherein he was beaten by the bastards. If I remember correctly, he suffered severe injuries from that beating. He often talked like he thought he was a marked man, though I never fully understood it. These pigs obviously knew who he was when they pulled him aside.

We used to correspond often, and in fact, though I had not spoken to him lately, I noted he had not been on Yahoo Messenger for a few months. What a shame. Several years ago, Michael sent me a package of fresh dates he grew in San Diego, and I felt bad for never sending the promised batch of Michigan tomatoes in return, but I had a crop failure that summer. Michael was a proud Serb, and he talked often about his closeness with his family. Let’s hope that the man finds peace and that the cops get their due.

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