Mammograms Are Largely Ineffective

Friday, October 23, 2015
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Ilana Mercer writes on the new mammogram guidelines from the Health Autocrats. She correctly notes we were both “fired” from our Docs for not abiding by the conventional wisdom on this matter, as well as other matters. Here is a quote (below) she pulls from the recommendations:

The Task Force‚Äôs 2009 recommendations to reduce the frequency and delay the start of mammogram screening were based on studies suggesting the benefits of detecting cancers earlier did not outweigh the risk of false positive results, which needlessly expose women to additional testing, including a possible biopsy…

The studies have consistently show this, but finally, the health insurance industry was forced to put the squeeze on this costly nonsense because under Obamacare there exists no out-of-pocket cost on the part of the insured members for “essential” preventative care. Preventative care definitions can get tricky, but generally, it includes the medical establishment’s favorite cancer screenings such as mammogram and colonoscopy, as well as depression screening and government-pushed immunizations. The stated goal of government has been to increase the percentage of the population that is sucked into the conventional medical wisdom that assures lifetime human profit centers for the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex.

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