Making the Rules and Living Outside of Them

Sunday, May 27, 2007
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When New Jersey Governor Corzine was injured on the Garden State Parkway, his driver was a state trooper police.bmp
who was doing in excess of 90 mph in a 65 zone in an SUV. (As we all know, Corzine was not wearing a seat belt.) The trooper driving 91 mph caused a pickup to swerve in order to avoid him, and that caused another vehicle to swerve to avoid the pickup, and that vehicle hit the Corzine SUV. When the news about the reckless and law-breaking state police trooper hit the press, the State Police threatened back with a ticket blitz during the month of May. The “Jersey Guys” on New Jersey 101.5 radio responded by calling out the State Police for retaliating against innocent people. State Troopers Fraternal Association president David Jones responded “by threatening to make public the home addresses, license plate numbers and motor vehicle models of the Jersey Guys and all of their station’s executives.” Face it … these bastards are drunk with power and find it unacceptable that anyone could question their authority and strike back at their attempts to control and torment.

Millennium Radio New Jersey, which broadcasts the “Jersey Guys,” issued a statement saying it was disappointed that the attorney general did not address threats against other radio employees.

Corzine yesterday said Jones admits making a mistake and should be allowed to pay for it and move on.

“I’ve worked with Mr. Jones over a period of time and all of my relations with him have been top- drawer,” Corzine said. “People make mistakes. They ought to be held accountable. He will through this process.”

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