Low-Carb Low-Carbon Footprint Eating

Sunday, June 24, 2007
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footprint.bmp Last night on the news there was this fella who had laid out various consumer food and beverage products on a table, and he explained the ‘carbon footprint’ that was representative of each product. The viewer was supposed to feel guilt. Fiji water was from, well, Fiji. Tahini was flown in all the way from the Middle East. And we Americans have the audacity to have fresh fish flown in from the coasts and fresh Oriental vegetables from the Orient…..and so on.

The latest craze for people who hate free markets and a rising standard of living for everyone is the obsession with the notion of one’s “carbon footprint.” So food service company Bon Appetit intends to reduce the carbon footprint of the foods it serves. “Starting in about a year, foods sold in Bon Appetit eateries will be fiji.bmp labeled to show which are locally produced or are lower-carbon alternatives.” French fries are evil because “growing them uses petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides, and big machinery. They’re transported long distances to a central plant, where processing uses more energy; then the taters are frozen and trucked to cafes.”

Now listen to this horsecrap: “It is insane to sit down to lunch in Los Angeles and drink water that has traveled 5,000 miles from Fiji,” said Helene York, director of the Bon App

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