Losin’ One’s Mind *and* Lunch

Thursday, December 29, 2005
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While eating lunch at my desk today, I lost a great deal of my diet coke to my computer screen. Here’s what did it:

I still can’t forgive the central bank for decimating and deflating the bullish stock market economy five years ago, a move that temporarily ended the great productivity surge of the Internet revolution. But perhaps they have learned a thing or two, and perhaps the arrival of the brilliant Ben Bernanke as Fed chair will be an occasion for real change.

Larry Kudlow is the most ridiculous, crazed, nonsensical drama queen on the planet. For that reason, I love to read his columns to behold what he dares to say next. Brad DeLong read Kudlow too. Kudlow is a true BullManiac, and not the free market expounder that he imagines he is.

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