Lord Obama

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
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obama.jpg My sister says she almost choked when she saw this book in Target today. Here’s one reader’s review on Amazon.

A friend and I saw and went through this book in a store. We could not believe it. It portrays Obama as Messiah, Obama as deity. And the presentation is to children. Yep, the illustrations are, indeed, beautiful. The message: over-the-top brainwashing. Of children. This book represents the unquestioning society and hero worship. The book is beautiful, and sickening.

She asked if perhaps I had planned on this as a Christmas gift for my nephew. Yep, along with the ‘presidents of the US’ figurine set. There are many books on Amazon that worship presidents or glorify children who shall be president. There’s If I Ran for President, as well as a book glorifying Hillary. I wish I had been asked to write this book – oh what fun.

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