Listen to the Salt Dictators?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
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No way, says holistic MD Dr. Brownstein. The salt nazis (like the Center for Science in the Public Interest) and the conventional medical establishment have been wrong all along about salt. Even the Institute for Medicine says salt has its merits. In fact, salt is necessary for life. I use the Celtic fine ground sea salt and the Himalayan fine pink salt.

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2 Responses to Listen to the Salt Dictators?

  1. jeannie queenie says:

    May 27th, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    Thanks for the reminder Karen of the Himilayan Pink salt. I don’t where I put mine, so haven’t been using it. Been keeping an emergency food supply and losing track of wherevery thing is these days. I thought I had written previously when you wrote on Dr. Brownstein and salt. Sure enough I found it and am reposting it so anyone who wants to know where to buy can find out as well as to how to make sole solution using the pink Himalayan salt–here goes from Nov 27, 2011 posting. Best part of all in using this salt is the many minerals. Jeannie Queenie….”Tis
    true, we’ve been fed bull about salt and its efficacy. This past year I came upon this site and bought the Himalayan salt and so happy with the results. If you buy this product which comes into large unrefined grains, you must make ‘sole’ with it. I keep the sole by my stove and use on vegies, whatever. Often take a spoonful in my mouth when near the kitchen for I know it provides me with a zillion minerals i wouldn’t get otherwise. Quoting from their web page here it says that,
    “Himalayan salt is pure, hand-mined salt found naturally; deep within the pristine Himalayan Mountains. Crystallized more than 200 million years ago, ancient sea beds were covered by volcanic lava, protecting the salt from modern-day pollution, and lending to the belief that Himalayan Pink salt is the purest salt to be found on earth.” Check this url for more..

    I buy the crystal chunks as they dissolve faster when i make sole, but more and more gourmet restaurants are using the slabs or chunks. I formerly used regular sea salt for a long time, but will never go back to even health store sea salt. There is sea salt and then there is real SEA SALT. It is more expensive but you only get what you pay for. To learn how to make sole once you buy this fantastic salt, ck this site for the ‘how to make sole’..

    This Himalayan salt has a pink cast making it lovely viewing in a clean jar, but when it dissolves into the ‘sole’ it tends to lose the color. Every year I try to add something new to my reportoire of good health, and am happy that I learned about this in January 2011….good health to you and bon appetit…also read about its spa and bath related qualities in addition to the usual culinary and gourmet uses…can’t go wrong on trying this out.

  2. gregor says:

    May 27th, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    This is way over the top as usual.
    NaCl (salt) IS required for the function of the heart muscle. Without NaCl the heart DIES!@
    Get it!
    You DIE!
    The issue continues to be a “salt imbalance” among our population. Our population gets WAY TOO MUCH SALT but not enough of the RIGHT SALT!Too much NaCl from processed food, but NOT ENOUGH salts from Magnesium and Potassium!
    Our “salt” balance” is out of whack!
    You have to get your “salt/ratios” in balance!
    To be healthy, you need to have a 3:1 balance in magnesium and potassium level to ordinary salt (NaCl).
    Don’t believe that? Then try out Mark Sisson’s website or Dr Mercola’s web site – free of charge! Now here’s a hint: want Magnesium? Sure! Here’s how: Bananas (~), Cashews!!!; Almonds!!!!; Black beans (yeah I know they are legumes, but Mark isn’t always right!!!); Lima Beans; Refried Beans; Green Peas & Queen Broccoli; and there is Sunflower seeds, but you risk the PUFAs associated with that – do so with trepidation!
    Now for potassium: Tuna! (now that is a surprise!); Banana reigns supreme!; but: Raisins kick mongo butt!; Carrot juice; Tomato juice (V-8!!!); Beef; Peanuts!!! (replete w/ that other jewel Resveratrol the anti aging device!!); Queen Broccoli (is there any other reason to call her the Queen?); All beans/legumes (sorry Mark S); Brussel Sprouts (Les Petits Choux!!!); carrots & finally good ole spinach!
    Not too hard to get your salt ratios in place!
    All you have to do is EAT REAL FOOD!
    Damn! That was hard!

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