Libertarians for Useless and Wordy Argumentation

Monday, September 20, 2004
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The most pointless chatter ever undertaken on the web is usually by libertarians who somehow feel they enhance their reputation for intelligence by engaging in multitudinous, dysfunctional chatter using 3,000 words, when 25 would suffice. As any good writer will teach: cut out the end-around crap, drop the weighty words, make it clear and concise, and to the point, in as few words as possible.

Matthew Barganier is right.

It’s the same folk that chit-chat and twitter about, engaging in what appears to be more of a dollars-for-words marathon, as opposed to concise argument. ‘Tis the academic way. Those of us in business know better. Personally, I can’t stand the word-a-thon stuff.

Look at the good writers/clear thinkers. Tell me that these guys (him, him, him, or him) waste my (or your) time with their overblown infatuation with their own psuedo-prose and what-if marathons.

This is the exact reason I dropped from every “libertarian” email list I was ever on. Those people are obscenely obsessive about engaging in insane argument over each and every remark, point, word, notion, or piece of punctuation. On these lists, each and every word of an opposing canonist’s email must be addressed in essay form, saluted, and marched to. I never observed so much in the way of wasted words and time in all of my life. If you responded to an opposing libertarian’s argument, and did not interject a 400-word essay between each and every sentence he wrote in response to what you wrote, you were lambasted on the list for actually having a job, a life, or a better hobby than thou-shalt-respond-as-they-deem-necessary.

Which’you talkin’ ’bout Willis?? If you have ever been on one of those email lists, then you know what I’m talking about.

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