Libertarian Party Leader Bows Out:

Saturday, September 21, 2002
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Libertarian Party Leader Bows Out: Steve Dasbach, the Executive Director of the National Libertarian Party, is calling it quits as of November 18, 2002. For nine years this crew has run the LP amidst a flurry of allegations of various conflicts of interests, ethics problems, and party financial woes. Jacob Hornberger – former candidate for the LP presidential nomination – is perhaps the best source of information for the “battle” over the party’s questionable integrity and principle. Read it and decide for yourself whether or not the LP has earned its dubious distinction. Here is Liberty Magazine’s timeline of “battle events”.

The LNC Executive Committee Meeting minutes (for the August 2002 meeting) can be found on the internet, in the LP’s archives. According to the minutes, the LP is cash-strapped and deeply in debt, with not enough cash to pay its accounts payable, accrued vacation time, etc. I’ve long wondered if the LP’s head honchos have ever brought in an external CPA to do an audit, or even a limited review? Reading the LP’s minutes, it’s obvious that LP administrators can’t even fund general operations without dipping into various other fund monies. And it appears that they can’t even be certain — at any given month-end — what the party’s liabilities are. It seems that proper timing and cut-off for invoices (for proper accrual) is not even an issue. At any given point, one can be suspicious that the LP’s liabilities are actually far higher than what is represented by its financial statements.

One can only hope that the change in leadership that is coming will restore faith in the minds of the party membership. I’m not an active “political libertarian” for various reasons, however, I am always interested in following these issues.

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