Libertarian Follies, Part 2

Sunday, May 18, 2014
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I am going to have a bit of fun with this post that I originally plopped on Facebook. It created quite a stir, which was quite a surprise for me. I have made some edits to the original post.

The obsessions, on the part of many libertarians, with claiming allegiance to “thick” libertarianism (as opposed to “thin” libertarianism), has made me view so much of the libertarian movement, these days, as perpetual fucktardianism. All the underemployed libertarian “intellectuals” who don’t have real jobs are jockeying for position in the new movement that still has not produced a single productive business model that will survive the times, let alone the profitability test.

Yet all of the ass-sucking, too-much-time-on-their-hands cultists who religiously follow these losers are jacking off over bow ties and hollering about unnamed libertarian “racists” because they have nothing better to do with their time other than troll the incessant, self-glorified posts of these libertarians and claim allegiance to every piece of crap that they squeeze out of their ass. And there are plenty of blind followers out there to give these libertarians the time and attention they desire.

Then there is Brutalism, the latest abstraction over which the lefty libertarians are smitten. Brutalism?? Seriously? What attention-seeking, rotted tripe. There are plenty of excellent posts that deconstruct this absurd notion of libertarianism, so I will not enter the fray on this point. Unfortunately, there are many “libertarians” who are desperate to join this circle of B.S. in order to keep their movement alliances so they can “grow” their opportunistic tendencies and gain a small paycheck or two, even if paid libertarianism is only a remote possibility for them. Pay attention, closely, to the libertarians who have drastically switched sides in terms of their alliances and philosophical groundings. Those folks who formerly despised each other are now best buds, and some of the formerly anti-Kochtopus libertarians are now fully engaged, and occasionally paid, by the Kochtopus. (Here is Part 1 of three parts on the Kochtopus by David Gordon.) If you have blinded yourself to these total ideological transformations, you need to reclaim your knowledge within your world of ignorance.

Christopher Cantwell is doing a good job of keeping up on the action in the ‘Thick vs Thin’ domain. His appearance on the Tom Woods Show is a nice addition to the infighting drama. He refers to the above mentioned alliance shifting as “jumping ship” on Tom’s show, and he is precisely correct. Christopher and Tom Woods are also correct in noting that this “infighting” is, at this time, worth paying attention to because the egalitarian mission of the “Thicks” is attracting a smallish yet dedicated cult that is working hard to redefine libertarianism to conform to egalitarian leanings. Also, it’s just plain fun to pay attention to the libertarian movement’s train wrecks and IdiotFests long enough to be educated on the day-to-day drama.

I intentionally left my post on Facebook wide open for others to read and share, knowing full well that it could go semi-viral. What is most interesting is that my Facebook post drew enough attention from the Thick Libertarians that I was contacted, via email, by David Luntz, the entrepreneur who started While that is interesting on its own, it’s even more compelling that he cc’d Lew Rockwell with his email to me, assuming that perhaps Lew has some influence over me and my occasionally animated ways. Mr. Luntz was not pleased with my comments about, which, by the way, were not entirely directed at his He seems like a nice enough guy, so I will respond to him in kind, and continue these posts. If he gives me permission to post his email, I will indeed post it along with my response.

Here is the link to “Libertarian Follies, Part 1.”

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6 Responses to Libertarian Follies, Part 2

  1. Brutalist says:

    May 21st, 2014 at 5:20 am

    Hilarious takedown of Tucker and Cathy and all the other leftist clowns.  As a Florence King fan, this gave me flashbacks to some of her epic bitch slaps over the year – and I mean that as a huge compliment!

    What is most amusing to me is that Jeff Tucker and whoever else behind the site seem to be of the opinion that a great business model and way to attract paying customers is to start calling libertarians a bunch of racists.  As Cathy Ditzowitz complains, the movement is almost all white males who are straight – so the obvious answer is to insult all of them by calling them racist and sexist and homophobic.

     Better yet, Tucker and Ditz have the idea to attack the handful of people we libertarians view as heroes like Lew, Block, Hoppe, Ron Paul, etc as racists.  Yes, that is definitely going to make me break out the credit card and hand over a large amount of money – not just insulting me, but also all the people I respect and look up to for making the moevement mainstream for the first time ever.

    Lastly, the drama surrounding Ditzowitz is hilarious.  She has all the intelligence of a typical tv anchor, and responds to questions much like my teenage girl cousins do during drama queen periods.  Scratch that – not even middle schoolers act quite as immature as she did during her hilarious exchange with Justin Raimondo!

  2. doug hanawalt says:

    May 24th, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    “Yet all of the ass-sucking, too-much-time-on-their-hands cultists who religiously follow these losers are jacking off over bow ties and hollering about unnamed libertarian “racists” because they have nothing better to do with their time other than troll the incessant, self-glorified posts of these libertarians and claim allegiance to every piece of crap that they squeeze out of their ass. ”

    Epic. And it reflects my feelings of late pretty closely.

  3. weak stream says:

    May 28th, 2014 at 8:19 am

    Couldn’t agree with you more about this unfortunate view emerging from Libertarian circles. Our system of lies and theft through govt debt and inflation will not be reformed until the real financial crisis comes and forces it. There will be no recruiting of people to a ‘warmer, fuzzier’ libertarianism. Those with entrenched interest in the system will go to the end for it. Using a failed architectural movement as a metaphor for Misesian libertarianism is wrong. Furthermore, it creates its own version of political correctness, or thoughtcrime. People have a right to think what they will. Among other things.

  4. Sharon Hansen says:

    May 29th, 2014 at 10:29 am

    Your article of full of nothing worthwhile.  You make a lot of unfounded assumptions.  You must have no knowledge of what Libertarians stand for.  Libertarians are ordinary folks who are stepping up to try to remove the failed policies of the Democrats and Republicans of the last 100 years. In case you are asleep,  our country is well on it’s way toward socialism.  Our government has done everything that Hitler did before he took over Germany.    It’s not a matter of if, just when.  If Libertarians are so self centered as you suggest, then why on earth would we run for office as Libertarians?  Why not do what some have done?  Run as a Republican.  Illinois Republicans are now supporting a RINO for governor because he ran as a Republican and proposed Republican solutions to our state’s woes;  but,  he donates millions of dollars to Democrats.  Now that is a self centered person.  I am running for office simply to try to help get my country turned around.  Do I have a chance?  Only if God performs a miracle.  Too many people read the false reporting like you have written and believe it.  I don’t know a single Libertarian who fits your description.  They are the most unselfish people I’ve ever met in my life.  In case you are not aware, our economy is near collapse and all our government does is print more money.  If we were self serving, we would run as Democrats or Republicans  to increase our odds of being elected because the electorate is brainwashed to think only Democrats or Republicans can “save us” but we have self respect and run as who we really are.  If the people are awake and want their liberties back, they will vote for us.  If they are ignorant or just don’t care, they will continue to mark the box beside the Republican or Democrat and our country will continue to be destroyed.  I suggest you start supporting Libertarians instead of tearing them down; that is, if you are truly wanting Liberty.   I think you have a selfish agenda.

  5. Dana Nutter says:

    June 3rd, 2014 at 8:44 am

    This is even better than Part 1! You’ve described the circus well. These arrogant narcissists are doing just about anything to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competetive market to get a shiny nickel or two from the handful of people willing to donate money to these accidental comedians. Speaking of accidental comedians, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Molyneux. Sorry to interrupt, but Holy Moly himself has now gone completely off the deep end with his cult to the point of attempting hypnosis on callers and hatemongering with long misogynistic tirades that sound like they came straight from Eliot Rodger’s Manifesto. He’s become so bad, I removed all links and videos of him from my own site because I don’t want what few good videos he has to entice anyone near his vat of Kool-Aid.

  6. Mike says:

    August 3rd, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    I guess we could call this “Thick Libertarianism” as the attempted “leftification” of libertarianism. Why do these fools want to put cyanide in their drinking water? Damn, some people just can’t leave this touchy-feel good leftism out of their brainwashed heads. Is it really That strong of a drug?

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