Lew Rockwell vs. the Communists

Sunday, December 28, 2008
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In the Christian Science Monitor, Eoin O’Carroll links Dan Neil’s crazed piece, “Nationalize GM,” in the LA Times – a story that Lew linked previously on the LRC blog. Then he links Nouriel Roubini’s plea for nationalization. Then he links some other yahoo Marxist. Then he links Michael Moore’s call for the triumph of government over free enterprise (because that is the only way we can force people into a precise lifestyle that we have set for them). Then he links Lew’s blog post.

Quick thought: Michael Moore consistently advocates for the overthrow of free enterprise and private ownership in favor of a Communist-style, omnipotent, totalitarian government. Yes, this is the same Michael Moore as that civil libertarian, devoutly anti-war Michael Moore. Apparently, he thinks that a massive, power-laden government, ruling by arbitrary edict over all aspects of individual lives, will not enslave people to empower itself and fill its coffers, and thus will not grow its already-massive war machine? What are these dingbats smoking?

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