Let’s Not Make Things Affordable

Monday, March 15, 2004
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Because that leads to misery, says our favorite misanthropic, anti-progressive – Gregg Easterbrook. Shame on you, Costso!

Am I the only person that sees in Gregg Easterbrook, a guy who always writes like he is on the verge of slitting his wrists because he is so overwhelmed with wonderful choices and possibilities?

Gregg, what’s “killing” people is their own individual stupidity, their own laziness, their own gluttony, and their sheer lack of common sense. People hurt themselves due to the choices they make; “progress” is not the offending party. Progress improves every aspect of our lives, but like with anything else, one has to undertake an individual effort to become disciplined and informed about the available options. Manic depressives like Easterbrook hate the fact that human ingenuity and productivity has given all of us the possibilities for endless betterment and luxury.

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