“Let’s Have a Spirited Debate”

Saturday, August 8, 2009
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At a forum, or town hall, near St. Louis, protesters let it rip.

St. Louis County police arrested six people after the forum in Mehlville, including a Post-Dispatch reporter.

The back-and-forth between factions in the crowd created a contentious atmosphere inside and outside the forum. The event attracted several hundred people. They included members of the movement opposing President Barack Obama’s policies and groups who came to show support for the president’s proposals.

U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan called for a “calmer, more civil” or “spirited” debate on socialized health care. That means he wants his subjects to step up and lob softballs so that he can feed them the standard reply, and then they should quietly go away being satisfied with his bullshit response. These people are so arrogant that they are shocked, shocked! to get this level of resistance. As I said in this blog post, these self-aggrandizing powermongers cannot handle this level of resistance. They did not have a strategy for handling the response that has evolved from their health care scam.

On another note (from the story), here’s what’s wrong with much of the tea bagging that’s going on (Tea Bagging Lite).

Dana Loesch, a blogger, radio talk show host and St. Louis Tea Party activist who was at the Mehlville event, said, “Last night, it was a whole different scene. That’s not what this should be about.”
Loesch said Tea Party supporters generally haven’t caused any problems. They’re loud, they’re frustrated, but if Congress would allow for more debate on health care, people could have their questions answered, she said.

Mr. Loesch, with all due respect, people don’t want “more debate,” and there is much more to this than getting your “questions answered.” Figure it out already. This is not about putting up a show to be noticed by your rulers. This is not about organizing peaceful complaints about The System. People do not want this crazed, inhuman, devastating socialized health care rammed down their throats. They don’t want it, period. They don’t want their personal health put into the melting pot for others to control, deny, and approve. Anything less than full-on resistance means that this country, as a whole, will have taken one more step toward the annihilation of individual liberty. Forget debate, forget writing your congressman, forget asking questions, forget standing around and just “peacefully” holding signs. This program will destroy every American’s future while it will enrich powerful special interests, and of course, none of the lawmakers who want to destroy our ability to live healthy and free will be subject to the very plans they have designed for us. People do not want this and the only way to stop it is to keep saying no and reinforce that with actions. The actions are such that you don’t let them do it to you.

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One Response to “Let’s Have a Spirited Debate”

  1. Glen Litsinger says:

    August 8th, 2009 at 11:34 am

    Karen, do you agree that it’s an ominous sign that the Democrats are using ACORN and other groups to crowd out the anti-Obamakare demonstrators? How long before we have a “racial incident”? If it does happen, it will be very interesting to see how the media cover it.

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