Larry Kudlow’s Mustard Seeds

Monday, March 30, 2009
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One guy recently said that tea leaves can tell us when the bull market is back, and now we have Larry Kudlow claiming that mustard seeds (whatever they represent) grow the economy. Along with the mustard seeds, he tells us that the stock market is as “hot as a pistol” thanks to the Fed’s easy-money policy. Kudlow thinks we’ve hit bottom and are bouncing back up. Everything is up, he says, including new home sales, retail sales, and consumer incomes. Evidently, he doesn’t get out much, or at least he doesn’t stray too far away from his millionaire neighborhood. He says don’t worry about inflation, higher taxes, or the costs of universal health care – that’s in the future so we don’t need to worry about it now. He says, “Pour in the money and the economy will expand.”

These guys like Kudlow cannot possibly forget so quickly, and not learn from catastrophic events that are still occurring. Unlike many other people, I do not believe they are merely misinformed or bad on economics. These people are so far removed from reality that they’ve become mentally unhinged. The bull market mentality is a crazed addiction they can’t give up. In addition, they are evil propagandists trying to screw over the middle class in order to benefit their people – the rich, Wall Street class. They are more than happy to give you bad advice all day long in order to keep up the charade as long as is possible. Long enough for them to get rich and get out.

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