Kucinich for VP

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
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Yes, the democrats should have nominated Kucinich, but the boring Obama camp should have grabbed the electrifying, interesting, appealing Dennis Kucinich for VP. This is a guy who, in spite of his leftist, New Dealer bent, and his horrifying plans for the economy (I write about that here), I’d like to see in the White House. Problem is, he would outshine Barack Obama and his dull wife in every way, and he would draw attention away from the man who wants to be sole King in the spotlight. His domestic agenda is disastrous, but not much worse than the capers of Obama or Bush. His foreign policy views are certainly exceptional, but mostly, he understands the totalitarian nature of the modern Security State, and he’s all for abolishing every last piece of it, as is Ron Paul. Surely, his magnificent stage presence and “lunatic fringe” views would have upstaged the dull and featureless Obama. Therefore, in the end, the plastic-faced, lifeless, unappealing Joe Biden fits nicely into the “be seen but not heard” reserve role, standing behind a man who doesn’t want his spotlight snatched away by an old-fashioned orator whose unsettling deliverance could prove to be fatal to Obama’s master plan for acquiescence to the status quo.

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