Killer Cops Making the Headlines

Monday, September 7, 2009
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• A fire chief in Jericho, Arkansas gets shot by a cop … while in court. The police department in this town exists to steal from and harass its residents.

• NYC cops were acquitted on charges of killing a young man who was unarmed. Five NYC cops – plainclothes detectives who did not identify themselves – fired 50 bullets at the unarmed man and his friends. For once, Al Sharpton was right when he said, “What we saw in court today was not a miscarriage of justice. Justice didn’t miscarry. This was an abortion of justice. Justice was aborted.”

A Georgia pastor is murdered by police for suspicion of drugs. In fact, a woman in his car was under suspicion for a drug issue, so what do they do? Kill the guy. The drug war gives us cops who think snatching a bag of cocaine is worth taking a human life.

• And of course there’s that 76-year-old man on a tractor who was tasered during a parade because he did not heed a cop’s orders. He was tasered five times.

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One Response to Killer Cops Making the Headlines

  1. clark says:

    September 8th, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    Examples of what it means to be an American helot? This too reminds me of the gorillas on Planet of the Apes, the original movie where they looked more like SS in their black leather jackets. Easily offended, quick to kill, is this what those who fail to pay their health insurance fine can look forward to, or will the cops be more careful as the prison industrial complex is probably in need of more able bodied people to work for them now that the Boomers are getting on in their years and don’t work as hard? Shrinking labor pool, right?

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