kids say the darndest things!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
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I like Kinsella’s baby quote. One thing I’ll never forget is my husband’s nephew’s memorable words, when he was five. Now this was a time when he had 4 older sisters (two of them teenagers) from whom he learned phrases, words, teenage slang, etc. Little Davie thought he’d help out Dear Uncle, and take out the garbage bag. The garbage bag was 4 times his size. Davie was grunting as he dragged it out the door, banging every wall along the way. “Ummmph. Grrr.’ Uncle smiled and said, “Davie, leave that bag for me. That’s too big for you.” Davie replied, “Uncle, what do you think I am, a gay sex pervert?” Needless to say, that left us all in tears of laughter.

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