Kid Left in Car? It’s a Crime.

Thursday, March 29, 2012
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The American Sissy State has become obsessed with stories of parents leaving children in cars. Yes, there have been some horrifying incidents where awful parents have left young children, and even babies, in the car to bake or suffocate to death. These people, however, are the outliers, not the norm. Yet so few cases of these occurrences attract so much attention because the state and the media (I repeat myself) love stories that denigrate individuals and applaud the state as the great savior, protecting children from harm. The attitude that prevails, thanks to the police state-nanny state-media machine alliance, is that any kid left in any car, no matter what the circumstances, automatically becomes a crime.

Lenore Skenazy, the Free-Range Mom, has blogged on yet another “kids-in-car/mom-arrested” story. A woman was charged with second degree child endangerment, and Child (un)Protective Services is trying to put her on a child maltreatment list for a harmless incident.

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3 Responses to Kid Left in Car? It’s a Crime.

  1. liberranter says:

    March 29th, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    Yes, there have been some horrifying incidents where awful parents have left young children, and even babies, in the car to bake or suffocate to death. These people, however, are the outliers, not the norm.

    For the nation as a whole, I have no doubt that this statement is absolutely true. Here in the Grand Scamyon State, however, we seem to witness each year an abnormally high number of children left unattended in cars during the hottest summer months, along with a horrifyingly large number of young children who drown in unsecured swimming pools. While I don’t know what the “official” numbers are for both types of incident, in the six years that I’ve lived here I’ve counted an average total of at least two dozen reports each year between the months of April and September, for both the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, for both types of incidents. I also don’t know if this is statistically a higher than normal average for the nation as a whole (and it obviously represents an infintesimally small subset of the total population of pre-adolescent children living in this state), but I don’t recall ever living anywhere else in the nation where such incidents were reported with such disturbing frequency.

    On the other hand, if you’ve ever spent any amount of time here and are familiar with the types of people who make up the majority, the high rate of fatal childhood accidents, sadly, comes as no surprise whatsoever.

  2. Matt Walton says:

    March 30th, 2012 at 7:52 am

    I’m sure my four sibs and I were “left in the car” while our parents went in to the store to buy milk or pay for gas or whatever. Amazingly, all survived the horrible ordeal. Fortunately for us, our folks weren’t doing a dope deal or pulling a trick or whatever shit these moronic baby making machines do that result in more government control over everybody else’s life. Of course, we also didn’t have car seats and climbed we all over the back window of the Delta 88 while the old man was driving. Best seat in the house was sitting directly behind Dad so he couldn’t grab you while he was driving. Ah the memories…

  3. jeannie queenie says:

    March 30th, 2012 at 10:52 am

    @Libberanter—BINGO! You said it right here when you say, “On the other hand……..are familiar with the types of people who MAKE UP THE MAJORITY, the high rate of fatal childhood accidents, sadly, comes as no surprise whatsoever.” Indeed, I would take big exception that those useless females that do this are the outliers..that is hogwash for anyone who observes today’s ‘pretend’ mom. I witness all the time, the little love, concern or compassion that women have for their kids today. As a woman who had five children and treasurered their existence, it never ceases to amaze me how so many women for the last 40-50 years have no clues as to what it means to be a mother or female.

    In their quest to climb the corporate ladder, they have no prob in crashing the glass ceiling, grabbing a shard and poking it in the eye of their kids, husbands and yes, even other women. The whole idea of the Art of Being a Woman has gone out the door. In its stead, we now have far too many men in dresses, having opted to make themselves into men..and we know how that ends up..fake women, and guys losing their cahones in their libtard quest to ‘please’ the fakers.

    It abounds in New England, where often guys use their little pinkies to talk and women use 20 octaves lower than normal when speaking as to ‘effect’ that ominous, authority sounding voice…which leaves us who know what they are about, rolling in the aisles laughing OAO.

    We can expect to see far more kids dying in hot cars, or getting their little hands caught in store door’s, or being kidnapped, or fed crap food and or fast food
    …because mom now having chosen to be a lemming and do what everyone else is doing, has put thinking for herself out the window in favor of being a copycat. Truly amazing that women have yet to wake up to the fact that govt wanted them to work outside the house so the loser/govt guys would get more tax money…
    and the schools would be able to brainwash the kids into how to be a diff gender if they wish, but as bad, teach the kids how to hate your parents, hate your country, hate your religion, and how to roll a doobie and put a condom on a cucumber. This dear reader is what ‘women’s equality’ has wrought…a nation of kids who have been ignored or abandoned, who look to the peer group, and not their parents or God, for answers. The result of that is yes, women are bringing home paychecks to pay for that second car, fast food for her kids, craploads of tax monies into govt crooked coffers, a work wardrobe and daycare or babysitters to be there with the kids afer school. And Uncle Sam is LHAO over how women ate it all up, that is, the myth that women can have it all..and all at the same time…a more nutty myth has never existed. And because women, gullible beings that they are, have pushed away from the feminine protective maternal side of self and traded it for being a man in a dress.

    One more thing I observed this week…two diff settings where a mother was pushing a 3 yr old in a cart, and the kid didn’t get what they wanted and hollered, “I am going to kill you”…THIS FROM 3 YEAR OLDS, and the faux moms just stood there totally ignorant, as if they didn’t have a clue as to how to handle this case!!

    I see where the common denominator is coming into focus…the western female has lost touch with who SHE is, and eats up what the culture or govt or the media/feminist led at that, and now her kid can look at her and shout in a store, “I am going to kill you” it Karma, whatever, everything comes full circle…kill your kid’s need for you by not being at home..and don’t be surprised when down the road it slaps you back in the face.

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