Just One More High-Ranking Crook in the Corporate-Socialist-Military State

Sunday, March 28, 2010
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Remember former Homeland Insecurity Slickster Michael Chertoff? Remember after the Christmas Day bombing when he kept calling for the purchase of the invasive, totalitarian full-body scanners for all airports? When Chertoff left the Bush administration, he started his own “consulting company” (what ex-government agent hasn’t done that?), and Rapiscan, the company that makes the scanners, became a client of his company. You can probably guess why he saw a good opportunity there – he could use his former, lofty government position to lobby for the use of the scanners, he had the ability to push the buttons to make that happen, and he would make big bucks getting that job done. That, however, wasn’t revealed by Chertoff until he was questioned about it in a TV interview.

Now Chertoff has joined the board of BAE Systems, a UK defense contractor that:

…agreed to pay $447 million in fines to the American and British governments to settle allegations of corruption, including bribing a top Saudi Arabian official.

BAE is the eighth-largest contractor doing business with Washington, having received $7.1 billion in government contracts in 2009 alone. It also has received more than $200 million from DHS since 2005.

These criminals conduct their crimes right out in the open, with no apology for their blessed state of being that grants them the legalized status to lie, steal, and oppress powerless Americans who still can’t see the gigantic polka-dotted elephant in the room.

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One Response to Just One More High-Ranking Crook in the Corporate-Socialist-Military State

  1. cousin lucky says:

    March 28th, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    What a world we now live in where war, graft, corruption, and sleazeball ethics are the order of the day. Where stealing a loaf of bread might get you a prison sentence for life; but billion dollar swindles and war crimes do not even rate an investigation or an indictment! You Betcha!!!

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