Jeer, Protest, Rebel, Refuse, Resist. And Kill the Bill.

Friday, August 7, 2009
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“Kill the bill, kill the bill, kill the bill, kill the bill!” Here is some great video footage of a town hall in Romulus, Michigan, near Detroit. Watch John Dingell put on his best smirk when he faces questions from a reporter about the rowdy crowd that is overwhelmingly resistant to the government’s totalitarian health care plan. Listen to Dingell tell the reporter, in his arrogant air, “I have worked in Congress for over 50 years….” He says he has done what he thinks is “best” for the American people. Yes you filthy leech – it’s true that you have never worked a real job in 50+ years. And yet you think this is a virtue! You are paid to lie, steal, and centrally plan the lives of free Americans. We don’t want you, Herr Dingell, to “do what is best for us.” You do not know what is best for me, for us, or for any single individual whose life you ruin with your lust to exercise power and control.

What did the arrogant Dingell say about the protest? He stated: “This meeting has been heavily infiltrated by folks who wish to make trouble.” Damn right Dingell, but not in the way you mean it. Get with it Dingell: you and your wealthy, ordained colleagues have pushed on a major tipping point – one that affects our overall well-being and our ability to live out our lives in a healthy, independent, and strong manner. Pushing on tipping points has its consequences. How dare you think otherwise. Let us be optimistic that Amercians have only just begun to fight.

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One Response to Jeer, Protest, Rebel, Refuse, Resist. And Kill the Bill.

  1. Steve Bernier says:

    August 7th, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    It is time to “retire” congressmen/women and replace them with constitutionalists. I’m not sure that will happen, but it could if enough people would listen to candidates instead of voting for whoever gives them the biggest check out of the federal coffers.

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