January Hunting & Gathering

Saturday, January 7, 2012
Posted in category Food Freedom

This is just a small portion of my takeaway from Detroit Eastern Market today. Those are truly free-range (an abused term) eggs from my hog farmer, Melo Farms; kale salt that I buy from the vegetarian monks of the Detroit Zen Center; coconut flurry that comes from a local guy who packages his own unique spices; grass-fed summer sausage from the local Mennonite farmer; grass-fed soup bones (for my bone broth) from Oliver Farms; rendered lard from a local farmer (for when I run out of my homemade lard); and fermented kimchi from The Brinery. I don’t buy the summer sausage very often because many of the ingredients used to make it are not on my strict list of edibles; it is an occasional treat.

Saturdays are truly my Happy Days.

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