Jacksonian Democracy

Saturday, July 23, 2005
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I am still sorting out my likes/dislikes for Andrew Jackson. A fascinating man who was sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes nuts. andrew3.bmp

Jacksonian democracy arose in opposition to the policies and programs of the Adams administration. This ideology was founded on the following principles:

-Jeffersonian, anti-State roots
-Belief in self-government
-Strict Constitutionalism

The Jacksonian theory of democracy was based on limited government, free trade, a society of equals before the law, common folk participation in government, and the pursuit of individual enterprises. Jacksonian democracy was further influenced by the classical economists: Ricardo, Smith, and Say.

Overall, Jacksonians saw government as being made up of the participation of common men, with government existing for the common benefit of all, though it was considered a necessary evil, thanks to the Jeffersonian influence. The Jacksonians’ roots were firmly in the Jeffersonian camp early on, having stemmed from the radical ideas of the Anti-Federalists (who were really the Federalists, by the way).

The Adams-Clay Democratic Republicans

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