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Monday, December 26, 2005
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It’s 1:30am, and the frenzy is over. Thank heavens.

I do love Christmas, sorta. But I’m tired of it at the same time. I’ll miss the glorious medieval Christmas music, but I’ll get to like driving on frenzy-less roads again. This Christmas left me without one of my two favorite Christmas music-loving pals, Georgia, as she is in a state of succumbing to brain cancer. The music of this season–an absolute obsession for her–is hardly a dot on her radar map right now. Georgia is from Scotland, and a true Celtic music lover. Only her–and my friend Ken and his family–can appreciate the traditional music of Christmastime. My iPod has 5,000+ Christmas songs. Since I now have 2 iPods–the 40G and the 60G–I can have one especially for my growing Christmas collection. Bless Georgia and her will to go on.

Christmas kinda flew ‘neath me this year with hardly a thought on my part. I’m absolutely focused on my home remodeling at this point in time, and along with everything else going on, it’s quite a load. I’m crankin’ on the house, and returning to my handywoman days, and lovin’ it.

Fifteen years ago, my hubby and I completely renovated this house. We shredded it down to the studs, and started from square one. That included building a massive garage on the back lot. (Thanks to dad for that.) Now I’m simply remodeling, decorating, and sinking some serious $$$$ into all new furniture. Somertimes ya just gotta do it. But to do it right you incur not one cent of debt. ‘Tis the right way. Patience.

My favorite nieces came by the other day and went gaga over the way the hardwood floors look. I’m having the beautiful oak hardwood underneath–that’s always been covered–stripped and refinished. It’s the most beautiful thing. I am at a point in my life where I absolutely loathe carpeting. I remember the first day they were here, rippin’ up the carpeting. I was nervous, wondering what we would find down there. When the guys called me over to see the buried treasure, they said, “You’ll want to see this. You have a remarkable grade of oak hardwood flooring underneath this mess of carpet.” Jackpot! I got lucky and made the right call. Phew.

I’ve virtually lived in Lowe’s and Home Depot for the last 3 weeks. Three or four trips a day, and everyone now knows me by name. My back is perpetually stooped and my body is beaten. But it’s been well worth it, as we have really moved things along quickly.

My new–and much larger–study is complete. It’s huge. Painted in a sexy orange with burnt orange-reddish trim and 4 5/8 painted crown, it’s a sight to behold. The flooring–a natural colored oak–is a picture of stunning perfection. Tomorrow, big brother and I put together the massive, self-assembly oak desk and hutch for the study, which is the showpiece of that room. Then come the many new bookcases.

My kitchen is complete except for a cabinet re-do in 2006. Santa was good to my kitchen. My mother–as usual–picks out the best kitchen gifts every year. I tend to adore kitchen goodies. Mom got me a beautiful knife set, and new cooking set to match the new kitchen, and a French-made cast iron pot. The nieces and sister-in-law bought me the coolest glasses–martini, wine, and shot–that perfectly match the new art deco kitchen.

What a job it is to work so much on one’s house, and do so much in such a short time span. When this is over–maybe February?–I plan to collapse and no nothing for a week. For now, I plan to get up in 3.5 hours, hit the stores when they open at 6am, and do the day-after Christmas frenzy, and buy a lot of crap tomorrow. Yeah, I hate the frenzy shopping, but since I am redoing the whole house, and Marshall Fields’, JC Penny, etc., have all kinds of great household stuff at 50-60% off tomorrow, I have to push to save the money.

Tomorrow night at this time, I hope to be typing amidst the echo of a nearly-empty new study.

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