It Ain’t Your Father’s Police State

Tuesday, March 28, 2006
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One thing that 9/11 accomplished was to take the Police State out from behind closed doors and stick it Right In Your Face, where you can’t possibly miss it. Local police departments, at least in the various suburbs where I live, are erecting–on the basis of theft from homeowners–these overly massive, ornamental, hideous buildings to house their new Police State headquarters. In fact, 9/11 became the marketing tool for the passage of one new millage after another. The huge buildings, with grotesquely large flags displayed all over, are a statement about who is in power–and it ain’t you.

A local suburb near me, already having erected their new Pantheon last year, has strung up a gargantuan, plastic sign outside, tied between two poles, and wound tight with the customary yellow ribbons. The sign includes two massive American flags and says: “The 785th Military Police Division will “Safeguard and Secure.” The 785th, out of Fraser, MI, was mobilized shortly after the Iraq war started. How interesting it is that the invasion of a foreign land becomes a mission of “securing and safeguarding,” and that it even need be broadcasted so VOCIFEROUSLY at the main intersection in town as a call to brotherhood with the local Police State.

Sad thing is that the bootlicker crowd doesn’t even get it. It’s just a plastic sign to them.

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