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Sunday, December 10, 2006
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My latest Amazon review goes like this:

I have been waiting to purchase the ideal portable speaker system for iPod. Then the mm50 happened. Oh sure, it doesn’t sound quite like the Bose, however, it’s one-third the price of the Bose. I have wanted something that is very portable and has crystal clear sound that would satisfy my finicky, audiophile ears. I have not been satisfied with the Altec Lansing systems (they sound like tin cans), and the Bose is way too expensive and not-so-portable.

Enter the mm50. The unit looks really cool, and the speakers even have a certain look that pleases you before you even hear it. But the sound is what sold me. It doesn’t crank really loud, nor does it have a boom-boom bass capability, but it delivers big sound from a very little box. The midrange and highs are phenomenal, making vocals, percussion, and acoustic guitar come alive. It also has a “3D stereo” option that “widens” the sound, and it really works. This option is especially great for listening to classical. A friend of mine walked into my kitchen, heard the player going and noted, “Wow, that sounds like live music!” That’s because it really delivers with clarity.

This unit is really small, and it folds up in seconds, and fits into its very nice zippered case. I use it at the office and in the kitchen, or working in my home office. It also comes with a remote. In fact, the mm50 also has a rechargeable battery. Warning: note that the battery, once it dies, is not replaceable, thus making the unit a plug-in only once the battery life is gone. My guess is that there is plenty of life to be had from the battery, making it well worth the money. The unit also comes with several adaptors so you can use it with any type of iPod.

What a great, new product.

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