In Defense of Democrats

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
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Har – just kidding.

But Orrin Hatch wants to destroy personal computers, and now I’m not kidding.

To quote Stephan Kinsella from the blog: “And in support of the emerging libertarian view that democrats are becoming the less-evil party, “Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., who has been active in copyright debates in Washington, urged Hatch to reconsider.’”

Stephan and I have recently discussed this topic of whether the neocons-Republicans are a greater threat to liberty in our lifetimes, as opposed to our old foes on the Left. Stephan is not yet fully convinced, but I have come to that conclusion, it seems, quite rapidly over the last 4-5 years. My inclination toward such thinking started during George Senior’s War. It is an emerging libertarian viewpoint, and indeed, in terms of foreign policy, the neocons are a far greater threat to libertarians and liberty. In terms of domestic policy and the building-up of the Total Police State, the neocons are the driving force. The Republicans have had the steering wheel in their hands as we have driven toward War, two Patriot Acts, and Total Fascism. Sure, the cultural-social Leftism of the Dems is still a huge threat, however, the Republicans are tried-and-true Social Democrats, and therefore, little differences reamin between the two in that realm.

Would we have been better off with a Gore as vs. a Bushian neo-conservative posse in the White House? Yes, slightly better off, because maybe, just maybe, the Patriot Act(s) wouldn’t have happened, and perhaps the war might have been stalled or even stopped. But remember, the Dems are pretty much foreign policy hawks these days. And don’t give me a lecture on Gore’s “Lefty” crap, either. Look at Bush’s social agenda and put together a mental chronicle of his policies/legislation, and tell me there’a any damn difference between the two where that is concerned.

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