Wednesday, July 25, 2007
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This is from the Detroit News regarding the Detroit Riot of 1967:

What should we call what happened during those six chaotic days in July 1967 when 43 people died amid gunfire, looting, with whole sections of Detroit in flames?

Many call it a “riot,” a term that conjures images of mobs acting spontaneously. Blacks who lived through it call it a “rebellion.”

“When I hear the word ‘riot’ I just get the chills,” said Brenda Dixon, 45, of Detroit. “The word ‘riot’ just seems inhumane, like people acting savagely.”

I didn’t know that the Detroit riot did not involve “people acting savagely.” And the definition of “riot” is rather clear. But we live in a time where we must paint certain moments in history with pretty colors and flowers in order to make the “official” historians happy.

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