I’ll Take Tom Woods Over the Claremontistas Any Day

Saturday, January 29, 2005
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Bulletin from Lincoln Central in regards to the Tom Woods book:

The Politically Incorrect Guide (or PIG) is more wheezy propaganda from the Old Confederacy (the book’s cover features a scowling Dixie general, and the project itself was first suggested by Harry Crocker III, whose seriously flawed book on the Catholic Church I reviewed here). On the most important matters, it weaves together all the familiar fictions: the sovereign states reserved a Constitutional right to secede, the so-called Civil War was really the War of Northern Aggression, Lincoln was a smooth-talking lawyer bent on tyranny. Blah, blah, blah. Some people never learn.

The author of this post at the FDR-Lincoln-Churchill Institute even goes so far as to recommend some of its readings to our heroic author Woods. Surely they jest? Tom, you old dog, you — don’t you know your best-selling book is “fringe” stuff, as was Rothbard’s (4) volumes of history? Stick close to Claremont, Tom, and you too can be a Lincoln Fellow who toasts nightly to Republican ideals.

Oooop, and just for hoots and howls, do note the 1st sentence glorifying Herr Bush for his “natural law language” in his Second Inaugural Address. What’s that old saying?: There’s a sucker born every minute. That such low-level, strained propaganda coming from the Executive Liars could inspire supposed scholars to gloat is mighty scary. As another Claremont state-worshipper opines: there is a “single coherent philosophy within the conservative movement.” I can’t even bring myself to comment on that one. Any takers?

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