I Say “Let Them Suffer.”

Sunday, June 24, 2007
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A review of Michael Moore’s new movie “Sicko” asks:

It poses a simple question and demands an answer: Why is the U.S. the only Western democracy without universal healthcare? Why are we willing to let our fellow citizens suffer?

Do you want the strict libertarian’s answer to that stupid question? Most libertarians will sit there and play candy-ass on this question (at least publicly), worrying about “not caring” about these supposedly “suffering” people. Not me. I don’t “suffer” because I have worked hard to earn a living and put myself into a position to take care of myself. While I was holed up night after night, weekend after weekend, getting one, two, and three stinking college degrees for future benefits (while missing out on the “social life”), the “suffering” populace was busy watching 3+ hours of TV per day, blowing their money at the bar, charging useless plastic trinkets on their credit cards, sitting on the cell phone all day every day, and generally not giving a f*** about anything on the long-distance horizon. If they live for today, they’ll pay for it tomorrow. So YES, I am willing to let the miserable leeches suffer. LET THEM SUFFER. I will not suffer to pay their bills and provide for their future while they waste their lives living as parasites sucking the blood from the productive elements in society.

We are the only “Western democracy” without universal healthcare because there are still enough fine people out there who will be goddamn if they let this socialist health care program happen on our backs, so the lowlifes can squeeze our financial futures for their immediate pleasure. My money is earned by me – not you, not Michael Moore, not your kids. I am sick and tired of everyone wanting my money – paid for by my work ethic and my education – because they are feeble, useless, ambition-less pieces of garbage.

Get a job, pay for health care. One job ain’t enough to pay for it? Get two jobs. I worked two jobs _for years_ in order to get ahead. And I am supposed to take from me to give to those who CLAIM to suffer? When those “poor, suffering” parasites stop their $150/month cigarette habits, their $100/month junk food habits, and stop buying their $300 leather jackets, $120 shoes, designer clothes, and stop paying $50/week to get their nails done and hair done, then maybe they can afford health care.

So suffer away. What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours. I’d say that’s quite fair, eh?

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